Understanding Your Business
is Our Business

We are a boutique law firm that provides exceptional legal expertise and strategic advice for business owners.

Business Law Representation That Fuses Business Principles and the Law

At Wiczer Sheldon & Jacobs, LLC, in Northbrook, we provide our clients with unparalleled talent while putting forth boutique firm value and attention. Our attorneys take the time to get to know their clients on an individual level to better understand their unique needs and provide best-in-class representation and service in a cost-effective manner. The wide range of legal services we offer at Wiczer Sheldon & Jacobs, LLC, enables us to be our clients’ one-stop shop that will position them for both immediate and future success. As business owners ourselves, we know what you go through when overseeing and running a business. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping you avoid and manage costly legal matters that may distract you from operating your business. If a dispute arises, our attorneys can draw on their over 100 years of combined litigation experience to ensure that you can get back to focusing on your business as quickly as possible. We serve businesses in Illinois and Wisconsin.
We Build Relationships, Not Just Businesses

What Sets Us Apart

We are no ordinary boutique law firm. Our integrated business law practice is founded on four vital principles:

Experience and Efficiency

Our business model is designed to provide you with the same experience for a fraction of the cost of big firms. Our lawyers have substantial legal and business experience. We synthesize our business knowledge and legal acumen to provide optimal results. We work efficiently and with lower overhead, passing the savings on to our clients and their businesses.

Quality Over Quantity

At big firms, lawyers become preoccupied with billing as many hours as possible, which often leads to spending time on trivial matters that don’t advance the client’s case, such as unnecessary motion practice. By not focusing on billable hours, we can turn our attention to what is actually necessary to accomplish our clients’ goals, which results in higher quality work and stronger client relationships.

Superior Service

We manage our practice well to allow us to focus on the needs of each individual client. With fewer cases in comparison to big firms, Wiczer Sheldon & Jacobs, LLC, is able to make client service the absolute top priority. Your legal matters will be in the hands of seasoned partners who will always put your needs first.

Client-Centered Flexibility

We build relationships with our clients and get to know each client’s individual business goals. We strive to tailor the services we provide to the unique business, industry and needs of each client. We recognize that every client is different, which is why flexibility counts when it comes to truly fulfilling our clients’ needs in a manner consistent with each client’s individual goals.

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