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Community Association Law

Cost-Efficient and Comprehensive Services for Community Associations

Residential building associations must proactively safeguard their best interests. This is not always easy, particularly in today’s litigious climate. It is critical to work in-depth with attorneys who have experience with community association law and can provide cost-effective legal services.

At Wiczer Sheldon & Jacobs LLC, in Northbrook and Schaumburg, we provide comprehensive representation for condominium, homeowner and town home associations. Some of the matters we handle represent clients in include:

  • Drafting and review of declarations, amendments, rules and regulations, and other governing documents
  • Drafting and review of leases and other contracts
  • Unit owner violations
  • Audit letters
  • Preparing and filing annual reports
  • Board meetings
  • Purchases and sales
  • Developer issues

We firmly believe that taking care of your legal needs allows you to take better care of your unit owners. Learn more about the services we provide by contacting Wiczer Sheldon & Jacobs LLC, today.

Litigation With Reputable Results

Dispute prevention and resolution is critical to any association. With an eye toward cost vs. benefit, we negotiate many favorable outcomes through alternative dispute resolution. Our trial attorneys have also taken many cases to court. We have won favorable verdicts in cases ranging from assessment collection to building code violations, construction disputes to housing discrimination complaints. As reputable litigators, you can rely on us to bring a suit on your behalf or to defend you from one.

Our Detailed Approach

We are a different kind of law firm. Rather than instructing clients to get in touch with us every once in a while when they have an issue, we deliberately build in-depth relationships. We get to know your goals and dynamic so we can develop a strategy that encompasses your entire association’s present and future needs.

You have an experienced ally in Wiczer Sheldon & Jacobs LLC. We are ready to provide a thorough evaluation of your association’s current needs.

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